Olio Biologico Reg. CEE 848/2018 Certificato da ICEA

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Why are our oil features so important?

The first important reason is a five letter word: taste! Extra Virgin oil is very tasteful ingredient, which can add a really nice flavor to all dishes. Oil taste is related to the specific features of olives from which is extracted: “5 Grani” oil has a unique taste, intense and aromatic. Just try it! Try it on a slice of toasted bread and a little bit of tomato… you will feel the difference!!

Furthermore Extra Virgin olive has healthy features. Extra Virgin olive oil is one of the most important ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, worldwide famous not just because of tastes but also as an example of balanced nutrition. In fact the balanced composition makes olive oil a suitable food for everyone, including every age class. It is a precious help for keep fit and wellbeing, due to its high digestibility and positive effects on many organs: liver, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, bowel and the good effect in controlling the cholesterol levels; there is a wide scientific literature about this.

The promise: clearness

The brand “5 Grani” is our promise, and our warranty. Furthermore the promise and the warranty of our passion in every oil’s drop, we want to promise clearness with our customers. We warranty a 100% Italian product, we warranty a tasteful product, and we will show you how the product is: we asked to a chemical Laboratory to analyze our product, and we want to share the results: below you can find what Labiochem Labs certified about our oil.